Research Agenda

At the organizational level, I am interested in understandng how investment in information technology affects performance. I am also interested in understanding how the characteristics of the decision-maker affects their decision-making process in IT investment. Currently, I am studying how characteriscs of the individual such as trust, perceived security affects ecommerce transaction.

Research in Progress

"Information technology investments and not-for-profit firm value: A Tobin's q assessment in the healthcare," with R. Kohli and S. Devaraj, under review at Management Science (preparation for 4th round review: submitted 7/03, 4/04, 8/06, to be submitted 2/07).

"Antecedents of online trust and acceptance of e-commerce," with A. Hwang and V. Hinton-Hudson under review for Information Resources Management Association International Conference 2007, Vancouver, Canada (submitted 10/06).

"A cognitive modeling perspective to evaluating decision-making in information technology," with J. G. Morris and R. Sharda, manuscript preparation for Decision Sciences Special Issue on Behavior Issues in Information System (to be submitted 1/07).

"Understanding information systems business value: A manufacturing practices perspective," with S. Devaraj and R. Kohli, manuscript preparation for MIS Quarterly.

"Judgment biases in IT decision-making" manuscript preparation for IEEE Transactions for Engineering Management (to be submitted 12/06).

"Technology based negotiations and the agony of opportunity in negotiation," with C. Naquin, manuscript preparation for MIS Quarterly.

"Beer Game Revisited: Data Analysis," with M. Cotteleer, C. Wood and R. Jacobs, manuscript preparation for Production Operations Management.